Types of communication
Types of communication

Types of Communication

Types of communication
Types of communication

Types of Communication: PUSH, PULL, INTERACTIVE

Push communication : This is information is sent to a group of individuals or Stakeholders via emails, memos, letters, reports, faxes, voice mails, blogs, press releases. This ensures that the information is distributed BUT does not ensures that it reached or was understood by the intends.

Pull communication : It can be web-portals, intranets, e-learnings, lessons learned, databases, knowledge repository.

Interactive communication are events, meetings, conferences, vidéo conferences where informations are exchanged.

Philippe MARTINS

Philippe MARTINS is a certified Project Management Professional (PMI-PMP)® and also a certified Professional Scrum Master (PSM)®. Its target is "GETTING THE THINGS DONE !"
The next challenge for Philippe is to achieve the Risk Management Professional certification (PMI-RMP) on 2019.

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