Okay is so boring !

We use ‘Okay’ so often that this word is boring. But do you know that the spelling of ‘Okay’ is ‘Okay‘ and not ‘OK’ ?

What can we use instead of ‘Okay’ ?

Aye Aye !‘. Example : If someone says : “Tomorrow, you should attend this meeting“, you can reply to this ‘Aye Aye !‘ which means ‘Yes, I have understood it !’. This is a casual way. This can be used for my friends and my family, NOT for professional purposes.

Roger that !‘. Example : If someone says : “You need to bring my laptop and my black pen“, you can always say ‘Roger that !‘. That simply means that you have understood the instructions. You can use it professionally AS LONG AS it’s on Whatsapp messaging or on casual platform of messaging. NOT on emails. Let’s move ahead with the next one which is a cut one and informal !

Okey dokey !‘. It’s very informal and you can use it for the dear ones. Imagine that your wife says ‘Honey, I will be back home by 7:00 pm“. You can answer “Okey dokey !“. See how simple it is ? Instead of saying ‘Okay !‘. Moving on from there with the next one.

By all means !‘. You are just trying to say that you are alright with your statement, your decision or your advice ! For example : A colleague says “I will come tomorrow by 10:00 am, right. Would you like to join me. Probably by carpooling ( NB. Carpooling = An arrangement whereby several participants or their children travel together in one vehicle, the participants sharing the costs and often taking turns as the driver.) ?“. You can answer : ‘By all means !‘ which means ‘Absolutely, why not !’. Let’s move ahead !

Sounds good to me !‘. That’s something that you are simply agreeing to. Example : “I would be preparing some cakes this afternoon. Is it Okay with you ?“. You can answer : ‘Sounds good to me !’, that means you have any problem with that but also that you are agreeing to that, that’s fine !

Business black woman doing okay gesture
Business black woman doing okay gest

Philippe MARTINS

Philippe MARTINS is a certified Project Management Professional (PMI-PMP)® and also a certified Professional Scrum Master (PSM)®. Its target is "GETTING THE THINGS DONE !"
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