EVM Earned Value Management formulas
EVM Earned Value Management formulas

COST. Earned Value Management

Earned Value Management
Earned Value Management

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Key parameters :

Actual Cost (AC) :

This is how much we have spent so far.

Planned Value (PV) :

This is what we planned for the project.

Earned Value (EV) :

This is how much of the project work has been accomplished.

Budget At Completion (BAC) :

This is the total budget of the project.

Key Performance Variance :

Cost Variance

(CV = EV – AC) : 

That means : Am I over budget or under budget ?


Cost Performance Index

(CPI = EV / AC) : 

That means : 

CV < 1 CV = 1  CV > 1
Over budget On budget Under budget


Schedule Variance

(SV = EV – PV) : 

That means : Am I ahead schedule or behind Schedule ?


Schedule Performance Index

(SPI = EV / PV) : 

That means : 

CV < 1 CV = 1  CV > 1
Behind schedule On Schedule Ahead schedule


Estimate At Completion

(EAC = AC – ETC) : 

That means : What will be spent on whole project ?


Performance Variance :

Estimate To Complete

(ETC = BAC – EV) : 

That means : What will be spent on remaining project ?


To Complete Performance Index

That means : This index gives you the future cost performance index that you must follow for the remaining work if you want to complete it within the given budget.

(TCPI = (BAC – EV)/(BAC – AC))

(Use this formula if you are under budget)

(TCPI = (BAC – EV)/(EAC – AC))

(Use this formula if you are OVER budget)



Variance At Completion

(VAC = BAC – EAC) : 

That means : Variance at total project cost from budget


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